Stratford and Evesham Methodist Circuit Project 2018/2019

Light up a Child’s Future

It is a sobering thought to remind ourselves that almost 600 million people in Africa have no access to electricity. 75% of Kenyan families depend on homemade kerosene lamps, which produce little light, lots of toxic black smoke, and can easily cause house fires.

So a project which enables them to use free energy, allows children to study in the evening, which saves the need to buy fuel, and which also helps to combat climate change, is seriously worth our support.

Kenya 2

100% of funds raised will be used to buy more lamps

Our new circuit project will help the Elsa Conservation Trust’s Centre for Education in Sustainability in Central Kenya provide solar lamps to needy families who still rely on kerosene lamps. Costing less than £10 they can really “Light up a Child’s Life”.

One of our Kenya Directors recently wrote:

“Nothing has made me happier than the fact that one of the needy children, who we donated a solar lamp to, managed to score 375 marks out of 500.

This is a great achievement for a child in a local school, who before getting the solar lamp, could only use a smoky lantern lamp to study and couldn’t get such marks! With these kind of marks, I believe Ibrahim Kanyi will join one of the national schools!

I believe his performance has been contributed to by having a solar lamp through which he could study for more hours without having to worry about his lungs due to the toxic smoke from the lantern.”

Money raised at our Harvest Festival will go to this circuit project but if anyone wishes to do more fundraising for it please see Rev. Audrey

Mark Boulton, Eco-Circuit Convenor