Photos and Paintings


Tiverton Junction A

by Mike Dain






Photos from Kath Fraser





Painting by Lilian
















Wellesbourne WI celebrates VE Day


As our group could not meet for a tea party we decided to make two wreaths from the left over poppies we knitted last year.  We have a tree planted in 2009 to celebrate our 90th anniversary so 9 of our members attended a ceremony to attach the wreaths  to “Our Tree” to remember those who “never came back” –social distancing.

I had a very good shop at the Co-op at 7.30 this morning- I was the only one there!!

Stay safe









CafeEco Welcombe Hills


Cedar Lawn Residential Home



cedar lawn





Celebration Tea at Penny’s House







Cedar Lawn Administration Manager, Sarah, with the

D-Day Darlings














Nigel’s photo of Maxwell




“Empty Dual Carriage-way” and “Rainbows”

from Rosemary and James








Designed and painted by Audrey’s cousin

Sara in Co. Antrim







Photos from the Steele family in Henley in Arden





From Trevor our Circuit Steward at SMC





Ceanothus in Penny’s Garden

which is covered in Honey Bees


DSCF2006 (2)



Tranquility on our weekly walk round the Avon in Stratford ~ Lim and Evelyn Ho



Painted by

Maureen Prentice

Maureen Prentice Psalm illustration


Photo and Paintings

by Brenda Birnie


brenda bunsbrenda goatbrenda sparrows