Sunday Services

Our weekly service commences at 10.30am every Sunday.  In general, most services last about 60 minutes or more if celebrating Holy Communion.

Please feel free to Worship in whatever manner you wish to praise your God.

All Age Worship

We hold an All Age Worship on the first Sunday of the month; these services would be ideal for someone seeking to worship with us for the first time, as these are informal occasions.  Note: if you need to leave during a service, no one will complain if you slip out discreetly.

JAM (Jesus and Me) runs on the first Sunday of each month.  Children of all ages can come and enjoy bible stories in a craft setting and enjoy singing the Lords praises. Parents are welcome to accompany their children or enjoy worship.

After the service, a Fairtrade Stall will be available.

Holy Communion

We celebrate Holy Communion on the third Sunday of the month and the first Tuesday of the month at 10.00am.  This Service is special, as we remember that Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples on the night before he died.  We offer an ‘open table’ and invite you to share bread and wine with us, our bread is gluten-free or if you would prefer to receive a blessing, please keep your hands by your side.  We operate a rolling table, which means the congregation, when invited by the Communion Stewards, will queue until a place becomes available.

Covenant Service

We reconfirm our commitment to God during this Service, to do His work and to life our lives the way He taught us.  We promise to keep Him at the centre of our Hearts and to uphold our faith in God.

You can find out about our Christian festivals: Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

All of these services are held within our versatile and inspiring Worship area.  With details such as a beautiful, colourful stained glass cross in the window at the back of the Worship area, contrasting with the drapes hanging behind the cross at the front of the Worship area.