Our Green Journey:

Eco-Congregation and Eco-Church Awards

We registered for the Eco-Congregation Programme in 2003 and a green group was formed by Church Members to identify what we could do to:

  • Help the whole congregation to make the link between their Christian Faith and environmental concerns (growing in faith and understanding)
  • Take practical action in the Church and/or Church grounds (putting God’s house in green order.)
  • Have a positive impact on and/or working with our local community (changing lives: changing communities.)

Like many Churches we started with small practical actions.

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2003-2006 Our first Eco-Congregation Award

2007-2009 Our second Eco-Congregation Award

2010-2014 Church redevelopment and our third Eco-Congregation Award

2015-2019 Gold Eco-Church Award

If you wish to know more about our Eco-Church please browse these web pages or contact us via the

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