Our Current Activities and Future Plans


We have made a good start in our greening journey but we all have to do more to deal with the climate crisis. Below is a flavour of current activities and future plans. (Some of these are temporarily on hold because of the Covid pandemic.) 


Worship and Teaching

Strengthening our stewardship of God’s creation with Environment Sunday and Climate Sunday services and speakers on environmental concerns in church based groups.



  • We regularly include creation care in church prayers and teaching and have annual services focussed on the environment and climate.

  • Through the Climate Sunday initiative we have a particular focus on COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled to take place in Glasgow in November 2021, at which world leaders will make crucial decisions for the future of the planet.

  • We find ways to appreciate and celebrate aspects of creation, for example a collage of tree photos, to create a Christmas tree in the church window.

Buildings and Land

Finding more ways to save energy and investigating how in the future our church premises can be a net zero carbon emissions building.

We currently:

  • Maintain all the lighting, heating and cooking facilities in good working order with regular servicing.
  • Remind regularly those who use our buildings to save lighting and heating.

As resources allow, future aims include:

Improving the usage and capacity of the PV (photovoltaic solar energy) system by

  • Installing a battery to enable the complete usage of PV electricity in the premises.
  • Enlarging the PV system in order to be net zero.

Investigating the feasibility in using only electricity for heating, lighting and cooking in the future:

  • Replacing gas heating by other renewable sources.
  • Replacing gas oven/cooker by electric one.

Community and Global Engagement

Working more closely with other local, national and international organisations for social and climate justice. In 2020-21 we have a particular focus on tree planting and forest protection. We also work with other churches to encourage them to become Eco-Churches and to join the Climate Sunday initiative.


  • As a Fairtrade Church we continue to promote using Fairtrade refreshments in the premises and have a monthly Fairtrade stall after Sunday service and a special service in Fairtrade Fortnight.

  • As part of our focus on trees we plan, or have made, donations to Green Christian’s Rainforest Fund and the Heart of England Forest, a local charity planting new native woodland.

  • We have links with local groups such as Stratford Friends of the Earth, Stratford Climate Action and other Eco-churches and look for opportunities to work together. Recently this has included helping to organise and hosting a Stratford Climate Action Day in June 2019 and the Church Green Group co-signed a letter to our MP encouraging the Government to Build Back Better after the coronavirus pandemic.

  • We encourage other local churches in Stratford Churches Together to become Eco-Churches and support churches in the newly created South Warwickshire Circuit to take part in the Eco-Circuit scheme and Climate Sunday.

  • We are organising via Stratford Churches Together an ecumenical forum Eco-Chat for local churches to share and inspire each other in Creation Care.


Promoting greener living, especially through The Green Corner in the monthly church magazine and on the website.


We currently

Promote green living tips, environmental campaigns and other information about creation care through monthly Green Corner articles.

Provide resources about green issues and web links on the church website, including to carbon calculators. These enable individuals, households and organisations to work out their carbon footprint as a step towards reducing their carbon emissions.

We are recommending that the amount of meat served at the Monthly Friendship Lunch at Church is reduced and that occasional meat-free meals are offered.

Future Aims Include:

Promoting home carbon reduction through information about building insulation, renewable energy suppliers, solar panels, ground and air heat pumps.