Reporting – December 2017

Dear Friends

The other day, concerned that Christmas will be here before I’m ready I indulged in a little displacement activity in the shape of sorting through a tool box. Some Saturday in the spring Welford Methodist Church will ask us to donate any old work and gardening tools we no longer need. The tools will be refurbished and shipped to Africa. So for half an hour I pretended that I’m well in control of getting ready for Christmas by preparing for something that will happen in May! I discovered that I have two spirit levels and decided that at least one could be added to the Welford pile of tools.

It was while holding the spirit level that my thoughts went back to Advent. This is a time set in the church calendar for us to reflect on the way we live our lives. Are we in line with God’s way or out of kilter? In Advent, we pray that God will help us become aware of what needs to change in our daily living and that he will give us the wherewithal to make the changes.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the Christmas Bazaar this year. There was a wonderful and joy filled atmosphere on the day and record takings to boot. Thank you too to those behind the Welcome to Christmas event this weekend which, like the Bazaar, takes months of planning and preparation.

Whatever are your life’s circumstance that Advent and Christmas, may God bless you with his Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.