Reporting – August 2019

Dear Friends

Since the service on 21st July to mark the closing of our Circuit
a number of you have asked what changes we will see in the
South Warwickshire Circuit. The reality is that for most of the
congregation the only obvious difference will be that on the
Sundays when I am not leading worship at Stratford our
services will be lead, for the most part, by Ministers and Local
Preachers who are new to us. The change of Circuit
boundaries will impact more on those who represent us on
Circuit committees and at Circuit Meetings as we adapt to new
structures, methods of working, colleagues and places of
meeting. For our representatives it will take time to adapt.
The change will impact on me too. My ministry will not be
scattered across the Circuit churches to the same degree as it
has been in the Stratford and Evesham Circuit. I will have
pastoral responsibility for only two churches – Stratford and
Henley. This means that I will be present more at these two
churches mid-week and normally I will be planned to lead
worship at Stratford two mornings each month, at Henley one
morning each month and at other circuit churches one Sunday
morning and a number of evenings each month. From
September I will also be taking on a supervision role for eight
ministers or church workers in the Birmingham District. In
other words, for most people, not a lot will change.
I have placed an A4 sized bright orange (hard to miss) diary in
the foyer. This is not intended to record every meeting on the
premises, that purpose is covered by the weekly rota. Rather
the idea is that we write in the diary any event we think would
be of interest to members of the congregation –i.e local,
Church, Circuit and District events. This should help with
forward planning when we look at dates for future events and
hopefully enhance Circuit identity. Please include in the diary
events and group meetings you want to promote.

Kind regards