Knit, Stitch and Natter

Knit, Stitch and Natter

Tuesdays from 10.00am to 12noon

Knit, Stitch and Natter on a Tuesday has been running since 2014.  We thought it would be a place where “crafty” ladies could bring their handiworks to share with others over a cup of coffee.  Little did we realize just how successful a group it would become.

We often have 10 – 12 ladies joining us, all working on their own projects – knitting, embroidery, crochet, tapestry, patchwork, card making.  Sometimes we knit and stitch more than we natter; some weeks we natter more than we knit and stitch!

We also have an occasional workshop.  As we meet in the welcome lounge we are seen by all who enter the building and much interest is shown in our activities.  Tuesday mornings in the Church are a hub of fellowship conversation and activity.

A warm welcome is extended to all, not all ladies have church connections.

Joan Taylor
In Loving memory of Marilyn Miatt

Also to be used at the forthcoming EngAGE festival (2017). Click to enlarge.


River Festival Banner (working) (2017)


River Festival Banner (working) (2017)


Octopus (2017)

Again, made for the river festival but used now on special occasions, with the banner, to welcome children and families to the church.


Knee blankets for local residential care home (2017)


Hens and clown hand puppets (2017)


Hats and Jackets for premature babes (2017)

These are hats and jackets knitted for the premature babies at Warwick Hospital. They were knitted by the ladies of KSN, ably assisted by the ladies from the Badminton group.

Twiddle muffs (2016)


Fish and Chip Vests (2015)

Knit, Stitch and Natter