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“Churches may not be back to normal by the end of the year”

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Restaurants: Some really great shoe-leather epidemiology demonstrated clearly the effect of a single asymptomatic carrier in a restaurant environment (see below). The infected person (A1) sat at a table and had dinner with 9 friends. Dinner took about 1 to 1.5 hours. During this meal, the asymptomatic carrier released low-levels of virus into the air from their breathing. Airflow (from the restaurant’s various airflow vents) was from right to left. Approximately 50% of the people at the infected person’s table became sick over the next 7 days. 75% of the people on the adjacent downwind table became infected. And even 2 of the 7 people on the upwind table were infected (believed to happen by turbulent airflow). No one at tables E or F became infected, they were out of the main airflow from the air conditioner on the right to the exhaust fan on the left of the room. (Ref) Erin Bromage

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This is a new bakery just opened and they are offering a delivery service.



A.M.BAILEY -the Government have stopped them from delivering until further notice!!!


BARRY THE BUTCHER  01789 267006

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I wrote to you last week to update you on how we are supporting elderly and vulnerable customers with access to groceries online. I wanted to share some progress we have made on this over the past few days.
When I wrote last, we had offered 450,000 elderly and vulnerable customers priority booking to online delivery. At the end of last week we received the government database, which includes details of all the people in England who have registered with the government to say that they are vulnerable and need help getting a food shop. Since then we have been able to match almost 150,000 additional customers against our database. We have already contacted almost 30,000 of those and so we are now contacting almost 120,000 additional customers to offer them a priority delivery slot.
We are waiting for the databases for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and will contact vulnerable customers in those areas as soon as we are able.
We know many elderly and vulnerable people who need to self-isolate are relying on the kindness of family, friends and local communities to shop on their behalf and we encourage this.
You wrote to tell me that product limits were a barrier to being able to shop for other people. We understand that it can be difficult to buy what you need and shop for someone else with the 3 item product limit. We have now lifted buying restrictions on thousands of products and hope that this will help more of you to shop for others. I also want to reassure you that stock levels are now much better right across the store. We are keeping limits on the most popular items for now, including pasta, UHT milk, antibacterial products and some tinned and frozen foods. But you can now feel confident in shopping in our stores at any time of day and being able to find most of what you need.
To help people shop for others easily, we will be introducing a new volunteer gift card and online voucher in the next week or two. I will share more information on this soon.
Many of you have also written to me to tell me about food banks and community groups near you that are struggling in this crisis. We know from our ongoing support of food banks that this is a particularly tough time for them right across the country. To help with this, we have donated £3 million to Fareshare, who will use that money to distribute donated food to the people who need it the most. We are also partnering with Comic Relief and the BBC on The Big Night In which aims to raise money for people impacted by COVID 19. We’ll be sharing more information on this in stores and online.
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The National Trust are being incredibly generous, look after your well-being:

To paraphrase the link attached…the National Trust have agreed to remove all pay barriers from National Trust parks and Gardens. This will support efforts to be socially distancing and the need to be outside in nature for mental wellbeing. It means that all the grounds behind pay barriers will now be open for everyone. In addition all carparking chargers will be removed. You can enjoy the open space and keep your social distance as per the government advice.

Cafes, houses, retail and events are not taking place – So take a sandwich and talk to one another from a safe distance 😉

Stay at home as much as you can, but when you need it – nature is there for you and free!



TESCO – Maybird store have a one-way system and 2 metre lengths marked out.


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In my last message, I made a promise to share more about what we’re doing to help our customers and our wider community. Today I’m sharing the initial steps that we’re taking to help the communities we serve; particularly its most vulnerable members. Many of the ideas we are putting into action come from the 80,000 colleagues who are working around the clock and I have never been prouder to lead this team – this family – and wear my M&S name badge.

We are reserving the first hour of trade every Monday and Thursday, as a special shopping hour for our more vulnerable and elderly customers to help them get the food and products they need. For our NHS and emergency service workers, who we will all be relying on in the coming weeks and months, we will reserve the first hour of trade on a Tuesday and Friday for them to shop.

To help make sure all of our customers can get what they need, we have introduced temporary purchasing restrictions on some lines. This isn’t a decision we have taken lightly, but there is unprecedented demand on some products and all of us need to play our part in feeding the nation. There is plenty of food for all of us, if we just buy what we need.

One of the things that makes me most proud to work at M&S is the role we play in our local communities. Not just through the brilliant service our colleagues give, but through the time and energy they give to helping those most in need. We can’t do this on our own and so we partner with organisations like Neighbourly, a community platform which links our stores to local organisations so we can donate surplus food and non-food products to the people who really need them.

Earlier this year we launched an app to make it easier for our colleagues to connect surplus product with the right local charity. Where we’ve launched it donations have gone up by more than 100% so we’re rolling it out as fast as we can to make it as easy as possible for everyone in all of our stores to get involved. We’re also playing our part in the work the government is convening with the whole food supply chain – from farm to fork – and when we can tell you more about that, we will.

But we know that isn’t enough. So M&S is kickstarting the ‘Neighbourly Community Fund’ specifically to support those most impacted by COVID-19. The whole M&S family – including M&S Bank and M&S Energy – is supporting the fund, which will help mobilise more than 1000 local charities to support the most vulnerable members of our communities immediately. Alongside this local on-the-ground funding M&S is supporting the National Emergencies Trust Campaign with a donation to help galvanize the national efforts now under way.



Morrisons are doing pre-filled boxes for next day delivery, click on the link above.