Church Stewards

Role title: Church Steward Stratford Methodist Church

Church Stewards are appointed annually at the General Church Meeting. They serve up to a maximum of six years. The Church Stewards are corporately responsible with the Minister in relation to the Local Church for giving leadership and help over the whole range of the church’s life and activity. The Church Stewards are called to act upon the decisions and policies of the Church Council. One Steward is the link person with the Circuit and attends the Circuit Meetings. The job description below will be shared among the team of Stewards.

Part 1

The Church takes the safety of everyone within the church very seriously and expects that everyone will work within the church safeguarding policy. In particular, the Church expects anyone who becomes aware of a safeguarding risk or of actual abuse, to immediately raise this with the Safeguarding Officer or the Minister.

  • To serve on the Church Council
  • To meet as a group with the Minister at least bi-monthly to review the life and mission of the church and make future plans.
  • To ensure that agenda for meetings is made in consultation with the minister and minutes of each meeting are taken and distributed.
  • To ensure that a Steward’s report is submitted for the ACM booklet.
  • To ensure that local practices at church festivals are catered for e.g.
  • To review annually the Stewards role and the Worship Steward’s duties
  • Although in Stratford the responsibility of contacting the preacher scheduled for the week has been passed to the Service Co-ordinator, the Church Steward on duty still has responsibility for ensuring the scheduled service takes place. If the preacher cannot take the service, the Church Steward needs to ensure an appropriate act of worship takes place. They may call upon individuals authorised to lead worship who are in the congregation to take/assist with taking the service. If no-one is available the service may be one of hymns, readings and prayers.
  • To ensure that a steward is present at weddings, baptisms, funerals and seasonal services.
  • To liaise with and support the Minister regarding worship and other church activities.
  • To share pastoral concerns with the Minister and/or leader/s
  • To notify safeguarding issues to the Safeguarding Officer or Minister
  • To prepare and distribute the Worship Steward’s and Offertory Counter’s rotas.
  • To ensure that a Steward is a member of each church committee.
  • To ensure that all events are booked with the Church Coordinator and that events are advertised though the website, Reporting and notices as appropriate.
  • To disseminate information from the wider church and Circuit

Part 2.

This role will be accountable to Stratford Church Council.

This role is classed as Group 2 by the Methodist Church and requires an enhanced DBS check.

Role title: Worship Steward Stratford Methodist Church

Working in pairs on a rota basis Worship Stewards are responsible for the smooth running of worship.


In preparation for worship:

Arrive three quarters of an hour before worship

Collect any post from the post box and replace the key

Put service sheets/weekly notices and offering plates in the foyer

Ensure there is a service sheet at the pulpit, the organ, the AV desk and vestry

Give the offertory counting bag to the counters

Put a glass of water in the pulpit

Check there are Welcomers/Readers/AV operators and people to serve refreshments

Check that the Bible is open and marked up for the readings.

Check intercessions book – if there are any entries pass the book to the preacher.

Once others arrive unlock the front door

Switch on the lights in the church if necessary

Light the candle

When the preacher arrives

Welcome the preacher and show him or her to the vestry

If a visiting preacher offer him or her refreshment and tell him or her the way to the toilets

If the preacher is new to the building he or she may want to have a look at the pulpit set up

Ask the preacher to say a prayer with the choir

Pray with the preacher before the worship

Lock the vestry

After worship

Ensure the preacher can get access to the vestry

Ensure preacher is offered refreshments

Return the offertory counting bag to the vestry

Put the coffee money in the vestry

Remove the glass of water from the pulpit.

Ensure lights are off, any candles are extinguished, the exits are secure and that the lock is in place on the front door before leaving.

Part 2.

This role will be accountable to the Church Stewards.

This role does not require a DBS check.