2014 Church Premises Redevelopment Project

Church Premises Redevelopment Project

  • Approved by Church Council 2009
  • Planning permission granted and fund raising started 2010
  • Construction started April 2013
  • Construction completed July 2014

Church Premises Refurbishment (1964-2014)

Plan 1964 (click to enlarge)
Plan 2014 (click to enlarge)

Fulfilment of 5 aims

(1) A welcoming church


Special car park spaces for disabled drivers and ramped access for wheelchair users at the new entrance


Spacious welcome foyer equipped with refreshment bar


(2) A versatile and inspiring worship area


A colourful stained glass cross in the window of the Worship area with the old vestibule demolished


Drapes behind the cross at the front of the Worship area


Pews replaced with chairs for more flexibility in the use of the Worship area


With moveable wall the worship area can be enlarged and linked up to the Wesley Hall for big events



The new audio/visual system and new lighting provide the facilities for fresh expressions in worship and for community events

(3) A better equipped place for family network


A new room replacing the 1939 annexe with new outdoor soft play area and better indoor facilities for Baby and Toddler groups and other community groups

A covered space is provided for pushchairs


The new room is an integrated part of the church premises

(4) A better equipped meeting place for the community


A new high standard kitchen


New facilities for baby changing in the toilet

Different parts of the building are all linked up by the new corridor from the entrance.

New corridor from entrance (click to enlarge)

There are additional refreshment bars in the welcome foyer and the new room for users in different parts of the building.

The Wesley Hall and Side Room 1 and Side Room 2 are equipped with digital projection facilities for meetings and conferences. Intercom for entrance opening.


Setting up of Broadband and Wi-Fi enable users to have access to Internet

(5) A greener building


The New Room’s underfloor heating is provided by a ground heat pump.

The amount of heat produced in 2014 was 7,500 kWh.

The building is more energy efficient as all the outside doors and windows are double glazed.

The new gas heating system consists of 3 modulated condensing boilers and the heating of 4 different parts of the building is controlled by programmable timers.

The annual gas consumption in 2014 was reduced from 124,000 kWh to 47,000 kWh.

The whole building was re-wired and all the lights are LED and lighting in the public space is controlled by microwave sensors.


A 9.3 kW PV system (36 solar panels) on the south facing roof of the sanctuary produced 9,600 kWh green electricity in 2014.


A rainwater harvesting system for flushing toilets.
The total amount of rainwater rather than tap water used in 2014 was 60,430 litres.


An environmentally friendly landscaped garden created by our church members.

The carbon footprint of the church premises was reduced from 40 in 2005, to 16 tonnes of CO2 annual emission after building refurbishment.


We are glad to share the good news with you


Stratford-upon-Avon Methodist Eco-Congregation